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My name is Linda Lee Deaton…and I am an Independent Distributor for Young Living Essential Oils.

I would be honored to help you discover how Young Living Essential Oils can help you with any wellness issues you may be facing. You can connect with me in the following ways:

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My Story

Joanne M. Bush

I am not a Young Living Distributor, nor do I receive any compensation from them for this personal evaluation of using the essential oils.

I became a user of Young Living Essential Oils solely because of Linda Deaton, an Independent Distributor for Young Living. I have known her for a number of years. When she first heard about the oils she diligently studied all she could find about them and their use. She studied them and used them on herself for a long time before she ever gave them to anyone else to use.

I knew, when she first told me about them, that she had done her homework. That is just Linda’s way. I have used many of the oils. Lavender and Peppermint are my favorites for aroma, headaches, and insomnia. Peppermint is my “go-to” for an upset stomach and stuffy sinus. Oregano and sage oil has been very beneficial, along with Frankincense when I had a really bad virus and my Thieves oil ran out.

I was thoroughly convinced about the Frankincense when I had a small growth on my chest and after a little more than a week of rubbing the oil on the area, it went away. That was almost a year ago…and it has not come back.

Of course, if you are having any medical problems at all, be sure and check with your doctor before trying any kind of treatments, medical or natural. I am only relating my personal experience. I have used some of the other oils and have not had a significant change in health, but I have enjoyed them in my teas and cooking…especially the rosemary and oregano oils. The tangerine leaves a wonderful aroma in the house. However, if you would like something a little more soothing, cinnamon oil works well, especially when cooking fish.